How to Install ROM on Rooted Droid Razr!

Do you want to install a new, custom ROM on rooted Droid Razr?

Please see updated Safestrap 3.0 Guide instead!!!

This is for Gingerbread, for ICS, please see here.
Well, here’s how to do it.

Step 1. First, make sure you’ve installed SafeStrap, and made at least one backup of your rooted stock ROM.

Next, download the ROM zip file (ROMs come in zip file format) and copy over to the internal storage or SD card of your Droid Razr by connecting it to your computer and putting it in “USB Mass Storage” mode.

Step 2. Copy over the ROM zip file as I am doing here, don’t unzip the ROM zip file!

Step 3. This should take like a minute depending on the size of your ROM file.

Step 4. Turn off your phone.

Step 5. Once in Recovery, if your Recovery says “Safe System is: DISABLED”, you will want to enable it first.

Step 6. Choose “Safe boot menu”.

Step 7. Choose “Toggle Safe System”.

Step 8. Choose “Yes”.

Step 9. It should now say “Enabled”.

Step 10. Choose “Go Back”.

Step 11. Choose “wipe data/factory reset”.

Step 12. Choose “Yes”.

Step 13. Choose “wipe cache partition”.

Step 14. Choose “Yes”.

Step 15. Choose “mounts and storage”.

Step 16. Choose “format /system”.

Step 17. Choose “Yes”.

Step 18. Choose “Go Back”.

Step 19. Choose “advanced”.

Step 20. Choose “Wipe Dalvik Cache”.

Step 21. Choose “Yes”.

Step 22. Choose “Go Back”.

Step 23. Choose “install zip from sdcard”.

Step 24. Choose “choose zip from sdcard”.

Step 25.  Choose “Internal SD card” or “External SD card” depending on where you copied the ROM zip file earlier.

Step 26. Choose the ROM zip file, mine in this example is

Step 27. Choose “Yes”.

Step 28. Once the ROM finishes installing, choose “reboot system now” and cross your fingers that your Droid Razr boots.

Step 29. You should get a custom boot animation.

Step 30. If your ROM boots, congratulations!  You’ve installed a new ROM!

You can use Titanium backup to restore all your apps now.

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You will need a rooted Droid Razr to install all ROM/kernels.
NOTE: PLEASE ONLY INSTALL ROMS INTENDED FOR YOUR VERSION OF Droid Razr! Otherwise you WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE and I will not be responsible! ALL ROMs on this site are ONLY for Verizon Droid Razr!
How to Root Droid Razr!

First time to rooting and custom ROMs? Please see our Droid Razr FAQ FIRST!
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Droid Razr ROMs
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38 Responses to How to Install ROM on Rooted Droid Razr!

  1. Rick says:

    I have installed this ROM everything is working fine but im not really crazy about it. So I wanted to restore my original ROM. I did make a back up of it just as your showed. I am not able to restore it. I have tried several time. Here is what im getting.
    check MD5
    Restoring system
    .android_secure.img not found Skipping restore of /sd secure.
    .android_secrue.img not found Skipping restore of lemme/.android_secure.
    Restoring cache
    .osh.img not found Skipping restore of /osh.
    Restore complete
    then when I reboot it comes the the safe strap when i hit serch to bypass phone just shuts off.
    can anyone fill me in on the problem? Did i screw the back up? If so can anyone send me a stock back up

  2. George says:

    I did all the steps but at the end it didnt appear the boot animation
    Any answer about this problem??

  3. Mecho says:

    After the installation of this rom, all I get is a black screen (even after 5 min.). It wont boot up. I had to do a restore from my rooted stock rom backup.

  4. Josh says:

    Installed the ROM and everything went well. There’s a system update available. Am I clear to download that or will it cause complications?

  5. Tyler says:

    I tried to flash the Razrz rom. Now im just stuck at the moto splash screen. The only thing i can do is hold the power and both volume buttons. Even then i cant reboot, or even flash my backup rom! HELPP! PLEASE!

    • Mecho says:

      I had the same situation.
      To reboot the phone just hold the power button and the volume down button for aprox. 10 sec.
      Then flash the bakup rom.

  6. Thank you for this solution! I just finished recovering my backed up files via TitaniumBackup. So far so good! I’ll post again in a week or so to give an update. Thanks again!


  7. alex says:

    omg dude i did everything as you said and my phone wont turn on after the reboot….WTF??? is it fucked up ???
    what do i do?!??!

    • seb says:

      had the same problem.
      Hold the 3 buttons ( volume up/down and power )
      phone will reset
      then go to recovery mode and toggle safe system.
      mine went back to stock rooted

      • Tazze says:

        thanks a lot for that dude, I was able to fix my XT910 thanks to you, good to know there’s somebody who isn’t an incompetent moron in this website

  8. seb says:

    Wont work for me… all i get is a black screen after safestrap…
    Any advice ?

  9. Sagar says:

    same problem here too, black screen….after the boot screen

  10. Scott says:

    thanks for the video I was able to load the custom rom. After the new rom is loaded and I have restored my apps with titanium backup, should I disable safe system or keep it on? what is the purpose of keeping it on/off?

  11. Rich says:

    Omg this was so stressful got rom on finally then had to redownload titanium backup pro. Then i restored all apps and data. Then it recommended a reboot now it just keeps rebooting after the splash screen. Any tips would be great. Even if i have to remove this and start over.

  12. Vinny says:

    When you go to install Rom onto the Razr I noticed that Safestrap was disabled when you first opened it. I see where you have to enable it before you actually flash the Rom, my question is this, after you flash the new Rom and after you reboot the system do you need to disable Safestrap Recovery before you use the new flashed Rom. Because if you don’t I thought I had seen somewhere that the newly flashed Rom has issues. Please explain when or if I need to disable Safestrap after flashing Rom.
    I have never used Safestrap before. I have rooted many HTC and Samsung phones but the Motorola because of this locked down bootloader is all new.

  13. Joshua says:

    This looks like the Razr X rom judging by the boot animation. I tried this rom and I had a few problems. First off I did everything you are suppose to do to flash a rom and it worked perfectly fine. I got wireless tether working but if I tried turning on bluetooth it would make the phone reset. It also said the phone was charging but the app I used to show the percentages was continually going down. After turning off safe mode in CWR and letting it restore original rom, I rebooted and the phone magically jumped from 37% battery to 67% battery. So maybe it was the apps fault for that. I should add that the reason I flashed this in the first place is that when I tried using wireless tether it would work for maybe 10 minutes and then would stop working. The app would stay open, but anything connected to the phone would not get a data connection when it looked for it. I want a stock rom that everything works. I don’t want a custom rom that has bugs or things that don’t work. Is that too much to ask?

  14. Pingback: Install the ICS leak without Cheesecake and retain root - Page 25

  15. TheAverageDroidAndroid says:

    Thanks for telling me I could back up my apps AFTER I factory reset. No biggy, I just rebooted with safe mode enabled. Bricked. Extremely mad.

  16. TheAverageDroidAndroid says:

    Anyone know how to de brick?

    • Terry says:

      check out his other vid: How to Unroot/Unbrick Your Rooted Droid Razr Back to Android 2.3.6![6.12.173]

      This might help you out

  17. Terry says:

    I was wondering one thing… do you have to stay in safe mode in order to keep your new ROM running? I think I answered it myself when I disabled it and it went back to the normal boot screen upon restart…. Just want to confirm.

    • Terry says:

      Ok, now that is weird…. I enabled it again and I got the Eclipse boot screen now, Is this thing dual booting? Can you help explain this part Maxx?

      • Tazze says:

        probably the meaning of the safe mode is to ensure that you aren’t gonna screw up, when you enable the safe mode you make a backup of your original system, in other words, while safe mode is enabled you don’t have to worry about bricking your device since disabling it will bring back the old system

  18. cmichaelson1 says:

    how long does it take on boot logo?

  19. mk says:

    after the flash of new Eclipse ICS rom . my droid wont startup. and could make restore.

    please any help???

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      Please use the ics install guide instead of this one i made this tutorial when ics didnt exist so…

  20. Kendallhabra says:

    I installed Eclipse 1.3 from ICS and my phone did the whole black screen forever after startup thing. Then I pulled the SD card, put Eclipse 1.2 on it from my computer and installed 1.2 onto my phone. The second time I did everything with my phone unplugged which seems to help. Hopefully that helps some of you out there with black screens of death.

  21. Brandon says:

    Just tried to flash the Eclipse ICS ROM and followed the videos/instructions exactly for backing up my stock rom and installing the new rom. Got everything done, went to boot and just black screen. I’ve read everyone’s reply’s but no answers. Do I need to re-flash or did I follow the wrong instructions? My Maxx already had the ICS update btw 4.0.4

  22. Brandon says:

    I was right. All I did wrong is I had the wrong SafeStrap installed. So if you have ICS already make sure u download safestrap 2.0 like maxx said or it wont work 😀

  23. Brandon says:

    Been runnin Eclipse ICS v1.2 all day… My smart keyboard pro is not working. It’s selected as my default keyboard but it doesn’t show up. My keyboard keeps auto collapsing when I try to text which happened when i originally did an OTA update to ICS before I rooted my phone. Smart keyboard pro fixed that issue. Anyone know if smart keyboard pro just isn’t compatible? Also when I go into TB it asks me if I want to update my android ID or keep the old one? Do I need to update that or does it matter?

  24. Brian says:

    HELP! Bricked! I followed these steps but wanted to flash AOKP Jelly Bean but the downloads didnt contain zip files. When i tried to install from zip, the files could not be found. So i just tried to reboot from Safestrap. I probably get the back screen from boot to stock OS from safeMode. Now i cant even get back to SafeStrap to disable safeMode.


  25. joe says:

    Help. I was able to flash a custom rom successfully. is there a way to transfer all my apps and data from my stock rom to the new rom? i have a dual boot now.

  26. joe says:

    is there a way to transfer all data from stock rom to the new custom rom? without having to re download all my apps again.

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