How To Make Motorola Factory Cable!

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Stuck in fastboot failure mode while unrooting?  Cannot charge your phone?

For Droid Razr or Droid Razr Maxx, this can be a HUGE problem as fastboot will not work unless you have enough battery life AND the worst part is that you won’t be able to re-charge your Razr if you don’t have a working ROM.

Well, I got “stuck” in this mode for almost a month (and part of reason why I didn’t update this site) and couldn’t find time to make the Motorola Factory Cable, which fixes the issue by providing power to the phone.

After spending about 5 minutes soldering pin 4 to pin 1, I had a working Motorola Factory Cable.  And I was able to easily unroot my Droid Razr.  I just couldn’t believe how easy it was.

The hard part?  There’s no video tutorials or online sites that talk about this Motorola Factory Cable so I made a video showing you guys how to make it.

This Motorola Factory Cable also works on ALL Motorola Android smartphones like Droid 2, Droid 3, Droid Bionic, etc…etc…

Next time you get stuck in that mode, you know how to make it and unbrick your Razr, enjoy!

And an advice to Motorola, next time you release a phone without a removable battery, PLEASE DO NOT HAVE THIS FEATURE WHERE USERS CANNOT RECOVER THEIR PHONE BECAUSE IT’S OUT OF BATTERY, IT SUCKS!

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12 Responses to How To Make Motorola Factory Cable!

  1. James says:

    This is just shorting it out for me.. I made sure there was no solder spilling from the pin to the one next to it but it still shorts

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      Seems like you might have soldered the wrong pin, if you do it right, there should be no shorting. Try referring to microUSB diagram.

  2. jorge tabres says:

    😀 i`m soo happy right now 😀 thanks a looooot!!!

  3. Pingback: [ROM] (AOKP) SKYL1N3 Status ONline,Links ONline - Page 36

  4. sasi314 says:

    which component you used to make that cable?
    which extra cable? and which device (how much watt and what specific model you used?) to Soldering the iron…?

  5. Joao says:

    After i make the cable, i charge the phone on a computer or i have to plug the cable at the Razr maxx (my phone) charger? I did not make the cable, but i have the cable that cames with the phone, i just dont know where and how i charge it :/

  6. refyugee says:

    Hi there…
    I have a simmilar problem with my Razr Maxx. When I plugged it in I didn’t get the usual run through of the start up screens or the battery charging indicator showing me it was at 0%. Instead the battery light is now lite up white. Usually I only have to wait about 5 mins or so to turn the phone back on. I have had it on the charger for over an hour and theres is no difference. There is no battery indication of charge and the white light is still on. I was looking for a solution on the web… I found your and this vid on youtube that might help

    But then I found this little thing ( but I’m not sure if it does have the same effect/function as your suggestion?

    Thx in advance…

  7. I am genuinely happy to read this weblog posts which
    carries plenty of valuable data, thanks for providing such data.

  8. Rodney says:

    What kind of cable is used to solder to pins 1 & 4 please help out,as I got told to cut a pair of head phones & use that,but to me is it resister cable please help,as I’m dab hand at first time solder,but not sure on the guide you didn’t give much away in use guide,just the micro USB & not what wireinig UV housed

  9. prince says:

    Pls kindly explain which side(head) of the cable) ll be soldered to pin 4 and vis a vis thanks.

  10. Savannah says:

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  11. Vinicios says:

    Work to hard brick in motog2 xt 1069?

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