Eclipse ROM for Rooted Droid Razr! [Best ROM]

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Still on your good ol’ stock ROM? Well, if you are, you might be missing out on some of the goodies of custom ROMs. If you’ve never installed a custom ROM before on your Droid Razr, we highly recommend you to give this Eclipse ROM a try, which comes with DSP Manager (Sound Equalizer for your speakers/headphones), better battery life/performance, customizable UI, and a whole lot more.

UPDATE: 11/2/2012 – The latest version comes with upgrades like Jelly Bean camera with sphere feature from Android 4.2 and more.

This is probably one of the best custom ROMs out right now rooted Droid Razr so try it out and let us know how it works for you.

Download ROM:

Download Eclipse ROM

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install new ROM on your Droid Razr? Please see How to Install ROM on Rooted Droid Razr.

Also, you have to have your Droid Razr rooted to install new ROMs, see Droid Razr Root FAQ if you are new to all this.

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97 Responses to Eclipse ROM for Rooted Droid Razr! [Best ROM]

  1. ejay says:

    yea it aint working every time i get a black screen that does not goes away. i have a gsm droid razr, System Version: 65.1.40.XT910.AsiaRetail.en.03, Android version: 2.3.6. need any other information let me know. I would really like to get the beautiful eclipse rom on my droid razr so guys please help a newb out.

    • evan says:

      I have the same problem, black screen instead of boot screen, doesn’t go away. Also have the xt910 on 2.3.6 firmware

    • Splash says:

      Its gonna sound silly, but unplug the phone from the power or computer. just install the new rom off battery power, then go into safestrap. I was having the same issue, and since my phone was charged I went to a different room without having the phone plugged in, and flashed the room, and did the factory reset. Booted up just fine. I then tested again with power to the phone going into safestrap, and again with the “Black screen” that won’t go away.

      Hope it helps.

  2. Tyler says:

    Works great. I have been running it for about 2 weeks and have also put it on 3 coworkers phones and we all lovve it so far

  3. Josh says:

    Eclipse looked and ran awesome. Minus the fact that wifi tether would not install, and I couldn’t get any other tether app to work after running eclipse. I’m not sure what is wrong, and can’t find anyone else with the same issue. So I am going back to stock rooted rom!!! Oh well!

    • Josh says:

      I think I forgot to turn off safe device after installing eclipse rom. Would that have caused the eclipse rom to not install the wifi tether.apk?

      • Joshua says:

        No. You need to leave safe mode on while running a custom rom. If you had turned it off, CWR would automatically restore your original rom.

  4. Jason says:

    How do I get to the screen where I can change my battery performance. It gave me an option when I first booted it but now I can’t find it. I’m not talking about smart actions, rather the eclipse setting. Thanks.

  5. Clinton says:

    I have a theme installed from Rom toolbox that is making my status bar force close and the rom toolbox force close. I have a RAZR MAXX. the theme came from the psyentist part of the rom toolbox. I have no way to get back into my backups and restore my phone. I think I have tried everything!!! I have watched your videos over and over trying to figure out how to get my phone back to stock so i can use it again. Please help!!!

    • Joshua says:

      Shut the phone down and then turn it back on. You should be able to boot into ClockworkRecovery by pressing the menu key when prompted. From there, disable safe mode and it should restore your stock system, then reboot.

  6. Mike says:


    I just installed this ROM and so far it works great.The only problem i have is that i cant seem to find a way to make my own ringtones. If anyone can help me out it would be great. Thanks

    • Brian says:

      Do you mean how to set other audio as ring tones? If so, I can say my way but there are many ways I guess. Here is what I do. I use ES File Explorer and it included a audio player option if you click on audio file within the explorer. If you select ES MEDIA PLAYER, when it plays the audio file, look next to song title and you will see an alarm icon. Click that and choose if you want to set it as Ringtone, Notification or alarm.

    • Richie says:

      Another way to add ringtones is to copy an mp3 file (let’s call it ringtone_file.mp3) to the following location and it will show up as a selection in your ringtones:

  7. Mooch says:

    You are an absolute genius…! Rooted my Razr Maxx on day 2 of having it and now on my 3rd day and just did the Mobile Hotspot Hack. Just amazing; new fan for your collection….! I want to thank you so much for what you do..!

  8. Marco says:

    I keep getting the error message:

    E:Can’t open /sdcard/

    Any ideas? Using Razr maxx 2.3.6

    • Marco says:

      I was able to get past this by copying the zip file to the internal sd instead of the external. Booted up fine after. Thanks for the great rom.

      • TheAverageDroidAndroid says:

        Tried that. That didn’t work for me. I have tried both sd cards. It’s getting very annoying because I have to delete the safestrap about 9 times and reboot about 9 times. Time for a different rom.

        • King says:

          yup, we got the same problem bro. do a quick check to see if you got the model: xt912 – if you do then mostly all of the ROMs you will come across will put you in soft brick, trust me. I’ve read that those ROMs are for the model xt910, so if you try flashing any ROM not specifically designed for your model, you will end up in soft brick. Try out the Infex, ROM – it works for me – but I don’t use it bcuz it crashes and reboots EVERY TIME I try to use Bluetooth. hunt down a stable ROM specific to your system version. until you find one, run stock for now or hunt down a script program to debloat the stock Verizon ROM for faster speed and more battery. sorry no links, I’m in this process as well

          • FuBaR says:

            stuck with this problem too… any one know of a stable ROM for the XT912 model or am i screwed here on a custom ROM?

            • FuBaR says:

              actually i tried newest version again (v1.4) and it worked after the second reboot into that ROM slot from safestrap… all seems to work well

            • James Bradford says:

              Ihad the same problem until I used Safestrap 3.0. No problems now at all. running android 4.0.4

  9. Dakota says:

    Not too terrible looking. App drawer is shitty looking.

  10. Brian says:

    Has anyone figured out a fix for the market paid access other than using the web browser tio log into and buy that way? I get an error when trying to buy through the main market (or play .. whatever..) app.

  11. Paul says:

    I like this rom short of the verticle app scrolling. Is there a way to change it to horizontal?

  12. Matt says:

    installed rom and seems to be working good but can not get my lapdock to work does anyone know if there is a fix for this?

  13. Patrick says:

    OK, got it to work and all is well. Now, since I’m a dumbass and half asleep I can’t figure out what the toggle button that looks like a flower or sun does. WTF? I must be braincramping on this. Any enlightenment would be appreciated.

  14. Zachary says:

    This does not work for me. Help anyone? I got Gingerbread 2.3.6, and I followed the steps carefully. Once I’m done installing the .zip, I reboot. It goes to the Safe Strap menu, I wait 10 seconds, hoping it would boot up the ROM which apparently said to be successful, but I just get a black screen for the longest time.

    I used the volume up+down & power to turn it back on and enter safe strap to remove the ROM, only to try it a few more times and failed.

  15. Josh says:

    wifi isnt working for me. It reads as error when i try to activate it. Any help?

  16. Mike says:

    Well this ROM is very nice and stable. I love it. My phone wouldn’t connect to Google Play but a restart fixed that. Phone also boots faster unlike the first time (which took 2 or so minutes to boot and had me fretting something went wrong.).

  17. Rosendo says:

    I love the Eclipse Rom. it really works great and is able to support all the apps that I’ve tried. I have 2 concerns. How do I run Verizon’s last update (not the ICS) and I’m not able to load all web pages. Any advice’s?


    ps. This site is It!

  18. Victor says:

    I agree with the people complaining about the black screen issue, i tried to flash another rom and i was having the same issues! I’ve had multiple android phones rooted and flashed roms and when they said rom flashed succesfully that meant it would boot up! so why are some of these roms on the razr saying it was flashed successfully but then i end up in a completely blacked out screen?!

  19. seth says:

    I have noticed in camera mode I can’t switch to front camera to take a self pic other than that and other small things I kinda liked about my stock that I can’t recall right now.

    But it is a awesome rom other than those small things

  20. Todd says:

    I really like the Eclipse ROM. The only complaint I have is that a notification keeps popping up saying “Low on volume space : Internal storage space is getting low” even though there are gigs to spare on both internal and SD storage.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  21. Byron Faux says:

    Anyone else having issues with battery life? With stock rom it was better. Is there something i am doing wrong? Also I am still having issues with not able to download apps from Google Play?

  22. Anthony Williams says:

    I have a xt910 canadian version carrier Rogers wireless my RAZR is rooted running 2.3.6 running well no problems and i tried to flash both the eclipse and razrx Rom with no success I follow steps to the tee and its says that flash is successful every time but after reboot and the Motorola duel core logo shows up but then it goes Blank screen for ever the longest 20 mins then I force restart and flash the stock Rom somene help is it because I have a the Canadian carrier version

  23. Josh says:

    Been running this ROM for about 2 months, and so far it’s pretty good.
    2 smaller issues:
    1st, when connected via headphone jack to an external speaker or stereo, ring tones and notifications do not come through the headphone jack. If Im listening to web stream, Pandora, podcast, etc and the phone rings or I get a text, the notification doesnt play through the speakers of the radio.
    2nd. The old Android market app was pre-installed and does not automatically update to the ‘Play’ app. Occasionally, the phone can’t connect to the market, and I have to restart to get it connect.

    Anyone have a fix for these issues?

  24. Nathaniel Warner says:

    Hi, I followed the directions exactly and eclipse appears to be installed but when rebooting eclipse just gets stuck in the boot animation and it just keeps looping. What can I do to stop this/fix this? I really need help!


    love it but wifi tether doesnt work after i installed eclispe kinda upset when it was working pror to me installing this ROM i get superuser has denied access and its failing but foxfi did work but i want wifi tether since its automatially in the eclipse settings i see other people are having the same issue is there a fix for this? why is it not working when everything was installed properly. HELP PLEASE! can someone reply to this for me. Thanks!

  26. Jeremy says:

    I’m new to this whole rooting business. I just rooted my phone yesterday, and installed this rom. However my phone is in the middle of an OTA update. Now will this mess everything up? I turned off my wifi and everything so that the update wouldn’t finish. So my question is, will this OTA update mess up my phone? Should i let it finish? And if it does finish will my phone be all messed up? BTW i love the ROM.

  27. Justin says:

    Works great! Except it installs the market and not google play. It won’t update yet alone open up anymore.
    Anyone else have this? Need help.

    • Justin says:

      Nevermind. I cleared the data on it, opened it up, and it asked if i agreed to google play terms of use, etc. , and i said ok. I works now, even though it still says market and not google play.

  28. ken says:

    this rom works with gsm version?

  29. anthony willims says:

    wtf!wtf!wtf! its loping and loping and loping and loping ….and loping what needs to be done so i can get my razr back to norm and be done with this rooting a rom crap!

  30. anthony willims says:

    so 1st after having to uninstall safestrap and using bootstrap for my GSM!!!!!! not cdma wich im sure is not said anywhere in this post cuz i can see there r a few people who tired this process who have a rogers or another Canadian cabrrier …safestrap is for the xt912 and will not flash any rom for the xt910..u have to use bootstrap ..go to and look for bootstrap for xt910 and that will flash the eclipse rom but fater flashing and loping the eclipse bootanimation for 10 hours st8t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i came back to read if i could of missed something and some guy says in the posts that its freaking cdma!!!!…..if u are smart and u backed up ur system i can tellu how to unbrick or get out of loping if ur a canadian xt910 user…because i just tought myself with no help from any forum…..okay so make sure ur phone is powered down and press and hold down the vol- and vol+ and the same time then press the power button untill the fastload menu comes up then u can release all….go to recovery using the vol- botton and select with vol +go to wipe data/factory reset and do so…after load the eclipse rom and it will run but messed….it will tell u ur sim wont work..but u can get calls and text ..but ull stay on the start screen and only make emergency calls….anyways powerdown and select recovery it was really good the rom had that feture or im sure i woulnt of been able to same my baby….and when in recovery wether safestrap or bootstrap…simply flash ur back up and there u go…it will take just wait and ull see it boot from where u last back up…im pissed so im saying this out of anger is for xt912 only and that sucks..maybe i should of known but F U atleast the 5th time something f’d happened to my razr cuz i followed this site….if u cant understand cuz of my bad spelling our whatever pm me

    • King says:

      hey man, I have xt912. system version 6.12.181 and I am having problems with the ROMs out there. as far as I’ve seen and read in the forums, most of the ROMs support xt910 and not xt912. here’s a link to one of the threads I’ve come across. XT910 and XT912 but I don’t know about International carriers, I’m in the States, sorry…

  31. amazn1 says:

    Is there a way to boot back and forth from the eclipse rom to stock rom and vice versa? Also since I’m running the eclipse rom on my RAZR, when the new ics comes out will I still be able to update while still using eclipse rom or do I have to go back to stock rom in order to receive the update?

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      Yes you can go back and forth using CWM. You have to be on stock ROM to receive updates.

      • Nolan says:

        Whats CWM sorry if that’s a dumb question. I like the Rom alot, just wanna make sure I’m ready for the ICS update. Also if there’s anything else ill have to do that would be hugely appreciated.

        • King says:

          CWM = Clockwork Mod Recovery
          For your situation, it would be the Safestrap app. There’s a new version out now, v1.09. Here’s a link, BUT: this Safestrap is for the XT912 ONLY, which is the latest model Verizon is pumping out. Here’s a little ROM and Rooting dictionary to explain some of the other words we use.

  32. Mike says:

    Does anyone know how to update this ROM or if there are any updates available. I installed it about 3 months ago.


  33. Aaron says:

    I have recently been having trouble with download and upload speeds using the eclipse ROM. I originally
    downloaded the ROM about 2 months ago, used it for a month, then was out of the country for all of
    May, and just turned my phone back on. Download speeds of 657kbps and upload 5429kbps. I have tested my
    phone in several locations and then reverted back to stock ROM using safestrap to find my download
    speeds restored to over 14000kbps. I reloaded the Eclipse ROM backup and I’m still having the same problem. Has anyone else found this problem with the Eclipse ROM? Should I redownload the ROM and start over or find
    another ROM?

  34. jason says:

    Followed the directions and installed in 15 minutes with safestrap too. Been using it for a month now and love it. No problems and my battery time has skyrocketed vs stock rom. I love the UI and widget bar.

  35. brian says:

    Can someone tell me why the market won’t download or install anything? I have cleared data and cache and restarted but it stll wont do what its supposed to do.

  36. Matt says:

    I just downloaded this rom and love it so far been playing with it. only thing i haven’t figured out yet is how to get my “backup assistant” contacts. gmail contacts show up, but cant seem to get the others. switched back to stock rom to to try and get all my contacts on gmail but appears to not have worked. any ideas?? thanks! (if this question has already been answered i apologize. I read bunch of the posts here, but lets be honest… there’s alot)

  37. ryan says:

    i got the eclipse rom to work but dont know how to get my contacts back?

  38. Aleksandar Arsic says:

    I am still at version 2.3.5. Can I install over the existing Eclips ROM?
    My phone:
    SYSTEM VERSION > 651.73.30.XT910.NonEFIGSRetail.en.EU
    Baseband version > U_03.1C.85P
    Webtop version > WT-2.0.0-113
    Build number > 6.5.1-73_SPU-11-M1-2

  39. Jason says:

    I really liked this ROM, but began noticing some problems with it. The market was very selective on when it wanted to work. A lot of times I would get errors when trying to download. I was also having network connectivity issues. Areas where I had great connectivity with the stock ROM, I would have little to no signal. I uninstalled and just rooted the stock ROM and slimmed it down with a root uninstaller to get rid of the crap that I didn’t need. Hopefully the dev will keep improving on this ROM. This site has made using my Droid a lot more fun, thanks!

  40. ryan says:

    installed and it ran….turned off my phone and now my phone WON”T TURN BACK ON…wtf..

  41. Chris says:

    Doesn’t work for me. I have 2.3.6, with system version 6.12.181.xt912, CDMA. Followed video instructions, wiped, flashed, etc. Funny, though if I leave the phone in safe, it will get stuck on the boot animation. If I disable the safesystem, it will boot back to the stock ROM. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    • Chris says:

      Actually, I managed to get it to work if I leave safe enabled, and it took a few minutes to boot up. I got impatient, but it finally worked.

  42. Jesse says:

    Does this work on ICS 4.0.4 System version 6.16.211?

    • Brandon says:

      I have the same system version and ICS 4.0.4 as you do and it works on my razr maxx. I have a few minor bugs but nothing too major. I got a lot of pop ups saying my clock has stopped and to force close which I believe was the clock widget. Went into tb and froze the clock, problem solved. Can’t get my smart keyboard pro to work yet either but other than that Eclipse is running pretty smooth.

      • Brandon says:

        Just realized there might be 2 versions of Eclipse. I’m using Eclipse ICS rom v1.2. Also I originally flashed it with safestrap 1.0 IT WILL NOT WORK WITH 1.0 so make sure you have safestrap 2.0 otherwise you will just sit on a blank screen for all eternity.

  43. ronnie says:

    Ditto. had 2.3.6 rooted. lost root when I got ota update to ics. has anyone tried rooting razr with ics?

    • Rosendo says:

      I was also on 2.3.6. and upgraded to ICS via ota. You can root by going to the XDA developers website. They have full instructions and it works.



  44. tyler says:

    Is there way to get google now on this new rom? Or do you have to be on a version of 4.1. Also is there an eclipse for JB?

  45. Nick says:

    Running this ROM on my XT912 and it’s smooth. Installed with SS 3.0. Flawless.
    Only noticeable problem is corporate email is not letting me add an exchange account.
    Does K9 support Exchange 2010? Anyone know?

  46. Brandonn says:

    Do the Droid Razr’s or Maxx work On the Droid Razr M (xt907)?

  47. Sharon C says:

    When Gapps and the Eclipse or any other custom ROM has updates, how is the update applied. Do I have to download, reboot in SS?? I don’t want to brick my phone doing an update. Could you maybe do a Video on “How to update custom ROMs?? I haven’t done an update to a custom ROM.

  48. Tyler says:

    Has anyone go the Shpear cam to work on this? Trying to have a rom that is mainly for doing videos on vacation that is still stable. Don’t really need a bunch of tweaks or anything. just fast and great quality vid with data working? or should I just switch to stock for this?

  49. sean says:

    Nice will try later my razar is running ice cream sandwich 4.0.4 what Tom should I use

  50. skierfranzy says:

    some basic email settings not working properly. i cannot connect to live or outlook. gmail connects fine. Also, cannot edit any photos. went back to stock rom everything works fine.

  51. Cliff says:

    Hey Max. This rom is working great for me. I tried the Killer Bean rom and it’s just too buggy to be a daily driver but I do like the google now feature and would like to put it on my razr with Eclipse ICS rom. I’ve read about an app called gnow handlebars, but it seems like some kind of copycat that bombards you with ads. Any thoughts on this or any other way to get google now on ICS that works properly?

  52. shaun says:

    My phone runs in safe mode when I running this it suppose to do that..and my and I lose a couple of apps

  53. shaun says:

    Sorry..I’m a newbie.

  54. Mike says:

    Can somebody please help me on this installed, I fallowed all the steps phones rooted updated Safestrap blah blah, but the phone wont flash the Rom, it keeps telling me unable to open the Zip, flash Failed.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you very much.

  55. Dan Sears says:

    It said succsessful install. But when it trys to boot up it get stuck at the part where it engraves eclipse over and over and doesnt get any further. Im using a XT912.

    • Rit says:

      It takes awhile on the first boot, be patient. Probably took mine several minutes. If it still doesn’t boot, try “power + volume up + volume down” to get back to safestrap and do another factory wipe and install the ROM again. Hopefully you installed the ROM on external SD.

  56. Rit says:

    Thanks for the detailed tutorial. I like the cleaner look and, so far, it’s stable. Battery consumption seems to be the same as my stock ROM. Only complaint is that the camera sucks. Display view doesn’t appear calibrated to the actual photo and the “tap-to-focus” is fuzzy.

  57. Lena says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial. After about 5 hours I finally got everything installed and running BUT my sim card isn’t reognized. It’s a dutch sim card and a german phone (xt910). Do you know if there is any way to make it work with the dutch card?

  58. Jim says:

    Hello.. I installed a few months ago. I followed the tutorial and the ROM seems to be working fine. My only issue is that since I have installed it i get “google play services which some of your applications rely on is not supported by your device.” the apps I am trying to access worked fine before I had installed the ROM. I dont know if they are related, but every resource I go to gets too techy for me (I chose this ROM and site becasue of the ease of installation)

    Any insight greatly appreciated… \

  59. Darrell says:

    I have an unlocked gsm xt910 that I just rooted 4.0.4 ICS with the claro system version. Am I not able to use the Eclipse ROM? What would you recommend? Thank you very much!

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