MIUI ICS ROM for Rooted Droid Razr! [CDMA/GSM]

Here’s a quick overview of the MIUI ICS ROM for your rooted Droid Razr. This is still “beta” ROM so a lot of things are broken such as video decoding but it’s still a great ROM that’s being developed right now and one day, there should be a fully-working version, which I will have a review of.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Download ROM for CDMA:


Credits and Download for GSM – XDA

Don’t know how to install a new ROM? Do you have your Droid Razr rooted already? If this your first time, please read Droid Razr FAQ FIRST!!!

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You will need a rooted Droid Razr to install all ROM/kernels.
NOTE: PLEASE ONLY INSTALL ROMS INTENDED FOR YOUR VERSION OF Droid Razr! Otherwise you WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE and I will not be responsible! ALL ROMs on this site are ONLY for Verizon Droid Razr!
How to Root Droid Razr!

First time to rooting and custom ROMs? Please see our Droid Razr FAQ FIRST!
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Droid Razr ROMs
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2 Responses to MIUI ICS ROM for Rooted Droid Razr! [CDMA/GSM]

  1. Martin Canales says:

    i tired and tired, uploaded drivers, clicked battery saver then home selected#3…nothing, it doesn’t recognize the adb as all other posts. I got my razr new in a box, dated Feb.2013. im running 4.1.2 updated driver from 2.03.007 to 2.3.9 today. still no root, what about the motochopper? I was thinking about pushing #2 but i’m not sure about that, any ideas thanks

  2. Choky says:

    never have the courage to do these things hahaha

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