How to Unroot/Unbrick Your Rooted Droid Razr Back to Android 2.3.6![6.12.173]

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For those of you who want to unroot or “unbrick” your Droid Razr completely back to stock Android 2.3.6, there’s an easy way to do this.

If for some reason you bricked your Droid Razr or you need to return it to Verizon for warranty, this can help you get it fully unrooted back to stock.

This will wipe your personal settings and data (not photos/videos though) so be warned before you begin!
And this is ONLY for Verizon CDMA Droid Razr!

Step 1. Let’s put your Droid Razr into Fastboot mode.  You can do this by holding down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power buttons together.  Hold them down together for about 5 seconds until your phone resets (your screen will flicker and turn off), then quickly let go of the Power button then hold it down again. (See video tutorial if you don’t get it.)

Step 2. Once in Boot Mode Selection Mode screen, select “AP Fastboot” using the Volume Down Key then press the Volume Up Key to select it.

Step 3. Once in “AP Fastboot Mode”, connect a micro-USB cable from your Droid Razr to your computer.

Step 4. Go to Device Manager and make sure you have “Mot Single ADB Interface” showing up.  If you don’t, simply install MotoHelper, which will install the necessary drivers for you automatically.

Step 5. Download and unzip


Step 6. Simply run the DroidRazrUtility.bat by double-clicking on the file.

Step 7. Your Droid Razr should start the unrooting/unbricking process.  When it’s done, your phone should reboot and you should find a fresh copy of Android 2.3.6 stock ROM on your phone.

Step 8. If for some reason you get stuck on bootloop after doing this, you can do a factory reset to fix the issue.  To do this, get into the Boot Mode Selection Mode just like you did in Step 1 and 2.

Step 9. In Boot Mode Selection Mode screen, choose “Recovery” instead of “AP Fastboot”.

Step 10. Do a “wipe data/factory reset” and reboot.  Your Droid Razr should now be fully unrooted, booting.

Still don’t get it?  Make sure to watch the video tutorial!

Credits – XDA

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169 Responses to How to Unroot/Unbrick Your Rooted Droid Razr Back to Android 2.3.6![6.12.173]

  1. Stefan Benyoucef says:

    Hello Max, thanks for all your good videos!
    I have a little problem, i tried to put a new ROOM on my RAZR the eclipse room and now when i trie to restart the phone, the phone restarts showing the motorola logo in red then safestrap kicks in and then nothing.. or should i live it for a long time before it starts?
    I have tried to run safestrap, and i can go in to safe strap) but when i reboot after running my backup file from ex sd card it starts up and runs but only to return to the black screen. The only difrence i see is that before when i started the phone up when safestrap flashes by the top where red and saying: safemode dissabled, now it´s green saying safemode enabled. Can you PLEASE HELP ME?
    I can manover around in safestrap and reach my backup file on the SD card but that dident help. How can i make the safestrap flashscreen to be red again and dissable the safemode, maybe this will help?? Or what do you think Max?


  2. Stefan Benyoucef says:

    GSM phone, i live in Sweden, bought the phone from the UK. Please are there something i can do i safestrap that will fix this problem?
    Thank you..

  3. Stefan Benyoucef says:

    solved it, the problem was that the safemode was on. I turned it of in safestrap and then runed my backup file in safestrap. up and running again.
    Thanks for good videos!

  4. Iseul says:

    This method isn’t working for me..
    After I tried to factory reset, it won’t reboot on its own and once I manually reboot it, its still bricked.

  5. Danny says:

    This is not working for me. I just receive a message saying the specified path cannot be identified (something like that). I tried doing this w/ safe mode enabled, and disabled… can anyone give me some pointers.

    • Brayden says:

      I’m in the same boat…says the specific path cannot be identified. press enter a couple times and takes me right back to the beginning of it all. HELP!!

      • Danny says:

        I uninstalled the Motohelper Driver thats provided on this link, and installed the driver straight from Motorola (just google “motorola driver”). Once I installed that I stopped receiving the error message. Also be sure to extract the razrutility file as a whole. Hopes this helps I was messing with this all morning!

        • Dan says:

          Did the same as you…but still have the same issue, did anyone find other solutions?

          • Dan says:

            There is a newer version, as well as 32 or 64 bit versions…trying the newest 64 bit and will see.

          • Dan says:

            Stull same issue…no help???

          • Danny says:

            read somewhere that you have to install it into the C: drive and not on the desktop. i dont know why or what difference it makes? but it has to do if your on 32 or 64 bit…. but i did that and it all worked for me?

            • Chad says:

              I had the same problem. I downloaded the drivers from motorola and made sure I unzipped the droidrazrutility to a folder.
              I could use the utility in the zipped folder but it didnt work until I unzipped it to a specific folder

  6. Kenny says:

    Hi Maxx, I have the Droid Razr Maxx and I rooted It as soon as I got It with your method on this site (Thanks). Worked great. I also used the SQlitte to get share 4g hotspot for free I am grandfathered in on the unlimited data which is awesome. I am on stock rom I haven’t falshed a rom on this phone at all Its stock only thing I have done is root it and the free hotspot. My question is I have recieved a software update for 6.12.181 which I haven’t installed yet. Is It safe to install it or will I have to unroot and all that??? Hope you can help Thanks.

    • hank says:

      i have the update download too on my rooted maxx but it always fails the install. even when ota rootkeeper claims unrooted, i still have access to all rooted functions including titanium backup, root file explorer, etc
      everything unfrozen in t b.
      don’t want to unroot at this point

  7. Huan says:

    If you uninstalled any bloatware or change build.prop then it wont work.

  8. alex says:

    i tried step by step and keeps saying “the system cannot find the path specified”. Need help please!!!!!

  9. kevin says:

    will this work for the gsm version, i kinda bricked my razr….

  10. Chad says:

    When my RAZR reboots I tap the Android guy, and it won’t acquire service for some reason. It just keeps the message “Please wait, this may take a few minutes.” I’ve tried taking the phone to multiple other locations, to no avail.

    HELP. I need this P.O.S. to work!!

    • Chad says:

      EDIT…. Nevermind. I fixed it.

      • Sam says:

        How did you fix it? i got the same problem or am i just being impatient?

        • zak says:

          I too have this problem tried factory data reset after install still no progress beyond the green android screen

          • Chad says:

            I’m sure you have found a remedy by now, but I ended up flashing it with a different 2.3.6 zip that I found elsewhere. I have also rooted my RAZR again and loaded the Eclipse rom. It’s incredibly badass.

  11. DeVeck says:

    Great video. Used the supplied software and flashed my rom. It got stuck on the error screen (Exclamation mark with the droid). Follow his directions! (8, 9 and 10) If it doesn’t work right away, hold the volume buttons down and hit power again after it reboots. Go to format/restore (not just restart) and when its done, reboot. Worked like a charm for me. Almost had a heart attack though…LoL

  12. Aaron says:

    Max HELP! This site has been great for all my droid needs but I have run into a really problem. I restored my stock ROM and upgraded once and then tried to upgrade to 2.3.6 but it keeps failing. I need to turn my phone in due to a cracked screen but I can’t unroot it! I have used every method you suggest but the adb never gives me the “#” symbol and won’t take any command from there. I tried using ES file explorer but it says it is denied super user privilege. I can’t get safe strap to come up anymore and when I try to reinstall it but it also says its denied SU. I tried to reroot it and the program runs really fast, says it’s done but nothing changes. I tried using the droidrazrutility but it keeps saying the path is not specified. It’s like its rooted but not and I have no idea what to do. I’m begging at this point for some kind of guidance! PLEASE HELP!

  13. Shawn says:

    Hey! Great video, I followed it right down the line and my razr is back to stock mode!
    Thanks Man, You did a nice job on de-rooting! Forever Greatful, Shawn

  14. dave says:

    I went into fastboot mode, connected phone to computer via USB 2.0
    extracted files from zip, opened the .bat file..
    when it says press any key to continue, I press enter, and the command prompt disappears.
    then I tried opening the .bat from the unzipped file, it’ll let me get to where it asks me to make my selection,
    option 1 for “restore driod…” and it says the path wasn’t found or something.
    Had to use recovery mode. Thanks for another option so I wasn’t stuck with the fastboot mode option.
    Liked the video by the way, was very helpful.

  15. Lili says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I have been searching for a way to unroot for 4 days! I bought my phone from craigslist and was told it was unused but when i turned it on it said eclipse! I started googling and found out it was rooted. It didn’t have the stock rom back up and i had no way of getting it none of the videos were helpful they all either required me to restore it back to stock or know for sure how the phone was rooted. I didn’t even know the guy i bought it from! i lost his number! I came accross this video and gave it a try and it worked!!!!!!!!! You’re awesome! by the way I’m not to smart when it comes to electronics ha ha but somehow i did this and it worked!

  16. kstepan50 says:

    What does it mean when i get a failure of cdt.bin? when I run the program this is wahat it says and also in RSD either stage 6 or 7 I get the same failure of cdt.bin. please help. stuck on AP fastboot mode

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      Make sure you don’t use a USB hub and try again.

      • kstepan50 says:

        I was connecting to the usb in the front of the computer. Probably a hub. or i am just hoping it is. I will charge it and try again connected to the rear usb. crossing my fingers. will let you know.

        • kstepan50 says:

          Same thing. fail on the cdt.bin, devtree, boot, recovery and cdrom. all say INFO Preflash validation failure. WTH!!!! Any help?

  17. Jeff says:

    I got my phone unrooted but safe strap is still running on start up how can i stop that

  18. will says:

    Max need help please I’m trying to unroot and have followed the video but when i go to use the droid razr utility it tells me “the system cannot find the path specified” after selecting option 1 . thanks for any advice.

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      Try unzipping the files first!

      • will says:

        Thanks Max that worked. i need to turn in for a repair. will you have any instructions on how to root ICS. i plan on rooting the phone again after i get it back. Thanks again for your help.

  19. Robert says:

    I downloaded the file to use for the unrooting process and I have it downloaded and I am now trying to unzip them and it is saying that there is a error. It says that it is invalid.

  20. Patti says:

    i have an error message. stuck here:
    INFOpreflash validation failure
    failed remote
    writing radio

    can you help me?

  21. George says:

    Are you going to get the video back up on the site?

  22. Nik says:


    I have rooted my phone by using your instructions. it is on 173 update. i want to get ICS update n i am unable to unroot using your steps.
    i am stuck with this shitty update

    Please please help me. as others do not provide steps for your rooting/unrooting processes.

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      You should be able to update via OTA after unrooting to 173, I did. Make sure you are on wifi and go to settings update software I think.

  23. Nik says:


    please answer my problem, its annoying me. “com.motorola.setup” crashes when i click update

  24. Droid Razr Root says:

    After rooting you cannot get OTA, there’s should be a zip file you can install, try XDA forums for now, I am a bit caught up at the moment.

  25. Nik says:

    i have checked xda developers..the gave instructions for unroot if the device is rooted with some other scripts..

    have posted a query there as well…please help me when u r free

    Thanks a lot!!

    • will says:

      check out droidrazrutility 1.7 it looks like you can load ICS in fastboot mode even if your still on gingerbread. haven’t tried it but looks like it might be able to do something to help ya.

  26. out4kx says:

    Max please help us with the new ICS update. Step by step or video would be fantastic. I have rooted using your method and try to unroot method provided and update but it fails. You are my only hope. 🙂

  27. Wendy says:

    Help! I get as far as “waiting on device” and that’s it! It also says to make sure the screen is unlocked. How do I unlock the screen after I choose “AP Fastboot Mode”.

    • Wendy says:

      Actually it went on through after I pressed the power button again and unlocked my phone. It said it was done, but I still have the superuser app!!! Obviously it’s not done!

      • Droid Razr Root says:

        Did you get any error messsages?

        If so, you can try it again, make sure you are not using a USB hub (as I bricked my phone using one) or try another USB port and don’t use a USB 3.0 port.

        • Wendy says:

          No I’m not using a hub. Does my phone need to be in charge only mode? Also it appears my root is gone, but still have the superuser app I cannot get rid of? I also cannot download the newest update for my razr. I’m guessing because something is left behind that is causing it to fail to update. I did not remove any vzw apps or freeze them either, so I don’t know what is going on.

          Should I root then unroot again to fix this?

      • Nik says:

        I had the same problem…if u dont have latest motorola drivers or if usb debugging is off, u fill face this issue. i am rooted with ics now after resolving so many issues.

  28. Cody says:

    Help!! i get to the part where it has the batman thing in yellow press any key to continue. I hit enter and it just exits out. Help please

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      I had this thing happen to me to, I found out it’s because I was using my USB hub. Make sure you are not using a USB and also try another USB port.

      • Ron says:

        I am having the same problem. The phone is being recognized (MOT single ADB interface) is listed in the device manager. I’ve tried most of the USB ports of the computer without luck. Each time, I get the batman screen and the request to hit any key to continue, but the screen disappears. Any other suggestions?

        • Droid Razr Root says:

          try on another computer.

          • Ron says:

            Thx, I went with plan B. I did not install any additional ROMs, so I used your video to delete all the superuser files. I assume that should be good enough, right?

          • Ron says:

            Thx, I went with plan B. When I initially rooted my phone, I used the description described by you to get to 4.0.4. I did not install any additional ROMs, so I used your video to delete all the superuser files. I assume that should be good enough, right?

  29. Robert says:

    I got all the way to where its ready to load… and its stuck on the Yellow Triangle? Help?

  30. Cody says:

    Okay now it says ….. ‘files\moto-fastboot’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    ‘files\moto-fastboot’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    SO what did i do wrong??? thank you

  31. Cody says:

    ope! i got it! um it says battery low failed on some parts should i restart the process after i charge the phone?

  32. timmmy says:

    i had a low battery and may have totally fucked myself….trying to unroot my phone. now i am stuck does the battery charge when in a crash mode cant restore to normal mode or anything

  33. maria says:

    is there a new video on how to unroot motorola droid razr xt912? wanna get the new update ics but having a hard time unrooting my phone. any help would be appreciated!

  34. Droid Razr Root says:

    @timmy you need to unroot first, get your phone working again then it will charge. I know it’s a pain but that’s how Motorola made it, and that is exactly why I am not buying any more moto phones for future sticking with HTC or samsung.

  35. timmmy says:


  36. Alejandro says:

    why do i get a INFOPRE FLASH validation FAILURE ?

  37. Tre says:

    Once you unroot your Razr to get the new ICS update (or do you even have to unroot to get the new ICS?), can you retreive your data (from Titanium backup, for instance) and restore it after you re-root your phone after you’ve updated it and rooted it again? Or is the data/settings just “gone” forever?

  38. chris dabbs says:

    i used this unbrick unroot back to 2.3.6 and my phone keeps retruning to ap fast boot says invalid flash mode (s) (boot failure) then says invalid cg otv invalid sp data invalid cg hab and invalid cg otv… do i need to make a factor usb and try this again for what should i do..

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      Did upgrade to ics? That might be why.

    • Jeff says:

      I downloaded RSD Lite 5.6. Then I found the software for my phone (6.12.
      181.XT912.Verizon.en.US. I had to delet 2 lines from this file, I cannot remeber the specific lines, but hte one was something like. <step operation = "OEM" var = "FB_mode_set"/ The other was at the end of the file and ended in "clear". Then I followed instructions to flash my phone with RSD Lite. Got it back to Gingerbread. Then did the OTA for ICS and now I am fine.

  39. Steve says:

    It is asking for a password for abd.exe when i try to extract the files? what do i do?

  40. Up the Creek says:

    I was on ICS 404 but decided that I really liked GB better so I decided to give this a try. Unfortunately, it bricked my phone. Is there anyway to get it back to where it was?

    I have been reading for hours trying to figure out how to fix this with no luck yet. From all that I’ve read there is no way to successfully go back from ICS 404

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      No way to go back to Gingerbread once on ICS, blame it on Moto! But you should be able to fix your phone, do you know what software version you were on before?

  41. Up the Creek says:

    It was Android ver. 4.0.4
    System ver. 6.16.211.xt912
    Build number 6.7.2-180

    AFAIK, it was the latest out with Verizon. So, from all that I have read I will have to load a stock ics rom on it in order to get it back. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  42. Up the Creek says:

    Nevermind, I finally found the fastboot files for ICS 6.16.211 and using RSDLite was able to flash it back to life. All is good again.

    I really think it would be helpful to place a large warning to people not to use this procedure if they are already on the stock ICS rom. It will definitely soft brick their phone. I had no idea that I couldn’t flash back to GB once on ICS. Scary lesson to learn the hard way.


  43. Up the Creek says:

    Well,, thanks anyway for your intent to help. I appreciate it.

    BTW, for what it’s worth, I thought this was a good video tutorial.

  44. ICS Bound says:

    I am stuck on the screen that just tells me …’files\moto-fastboot’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. If I keep hitting enter it just takes me back to the main screen. I’ve extracted the zip to the root of C:\ and I have the latest drivers from motorla. My status code is 0. I’ve tried every usb port on 2 different windows machines. (same result) If there is anything i’m missing please let me know.


  45. Eddie says:

    I uninstalled the safestrap from my Verizon Droid Razr.
    How do I get rid of th Clockwork Recovery Menu when the phone is booting up?
    Also, how do I uninstall the superuser on the phone?


  46. stefan benyoucef says:

    Hello, i need to send my phone on service, and want to unroot it to be able to use the warrentie..
    How do i unroot the phone, android version 2.3.6 and this is not a cdma phone, europe gsm.. can i use this method?

    Do anyone know ho can give me advise step by step?


  47. Hangdriver says:

    Max, your instructions for rooting my Droid Razr worked perfectly for several months. I decided to Unroot so that I could update to the newest ware….I screwed it up. Everything seemed to be going well until the final reboot. My phone simply hits Dual Core screen and blanks from there. I have been unsuccessful with every recovery effort that I have made. How screwed am I???

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      What Android version were you on before you did it? And also which one did u use, the one on this page?

      • Hangdriver says:

        I am on Android 2.3.6 and was successfully rooted for a couple of months. When I went to unroot, I screwed up and used “How to Unroot your Droid Razr to Official ICS Android 4.0.4!”

        • Droid Razr Root says:

          Thats ok u can still run the correct droid razr utility.

          • Hangdriver says:

            It feels like we are making progress, but I am still not there. After running the correct utility, my phone attempts to boot. I get the following screen:

            Invalid Flash Mode (S) (Boot Failure)
            To return to normal mode – first press power key to power down

            Device is LOCKED. Status Code:0

            Battery OK
            OK to Program
            Connect USB
            Data Cable

            Invalid CG OTV (CG: webtop): Invalid SP Data
            Invalid CG HAB (CG: webtop, status:0X0056)
            Invalid CG OTV (CG:webtop)

            I pressed the power key to power down, and came back to “Recovery”. I selected recovery and got this same screen again. I ran the utility again with the same results.

            What do you suggest?

  48. Droid Razr Root says:

    try droid razr utility 1.6 then.

  49. Ron says:

    HELP. Connected successfully and ran the DroidRazr Util. When finished, I ended up with the dead android character with the front chest open. I got into the boot selection mode and chose recovery. The phone rebooted, but with the same result; I was never able to get to the wipe data/factory reset option. HOW SHOULD I PROCEED??

  50. Michael R. says:

    Will this method work to downgrade the OTA ics if we want to go back to Gingerbread?

  51. Bridget F says:

    Success! Thanks for the helpful video!

  52. Alex says:

    There a way to do this under Linux yet?

  53. kevin says:

    i did the unroot and when it finished i did a factory reset and now it will bring up the the motorola sign that says dual core technology and then goes blank and just stays like that

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      What version OS do you have? If you did not have Gingerbread, that’s probably why. You can try a factory reset first if on GB.

      • Todd says:

        I have the same problem. I had rooted from ics ota update and used cm10 custom rom. Ran this it unrooted but will not boot up now please help.

  54. Kevin says:

    All this does is instantly close..any help?

  55. Susan says:

    I need some help….my phone says device is locked. status code:0 and it will not continue. any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  56. No Wi FI says:

    For anyone who had a defective Verizon Droid Razr 2.3.6 and exchanged it for certified like new make sure it is not rooted when u get it because mine must have been rooted and my wifi didn’t work said ERROR. Verizon tried to trouble shoot it and Motorola Tech Tried trouble shooting it even by remote to no avail. Using This method resolved this perfectly. Thank you P/S not against rooting as long as I did the root and had the unroot method available. But getting a surprise like that could have cost me big bucks thye said since it would have been a voided warranty and the would have charged me if I sent it in and they found it to be rooted.

  57. jerry chacez says:

    If i attempt to unroot my phone with this method, but i have system version 6.12.181 .XT912, will it still work?

  58. Pingback: Help, I'm Bricked and Lost!

  59. vic m says:

    Hey Max thanks for you helpful videos . Do you have any idea on how to I have tryde this way and some other qays to unbrik my Razr Xt912 but no can do. Do to the fact that the phone is out of battery the question is how do i recharge it cause i left the phone chargin a day and nothig it didn’t get amy juce . Any helpbwill be greatly apreciated

  60. jacob says:

    I sent mine in for a replacement from my warranty, of course my xt912 was completely dead didn’t charge, but I just told them my phone just wouldn’t turn on and they asked me to go through all the steps. That was dumb but I wound up getting a replacement phone, tried making a Motorola factory cable with a charger and some extra wires. But that fail so I sent it back and never heard anything. Don’t be afraid of vzw what will they do? Peace 🙂

  61. rowen says:

    hey i got the xt910 and when i got it it was fine. I just did a factory reset it is not responding any more. I tried the button method and rec voery mood but still did’nt work. When it asks for time and region it suddenly restarts. i tried ti intsall an update from sd card but it says signature error. do i need to root it i am new to the android i dnt know what to do. My phone is korean virsion and it was unlocked before it.

  62. tomas meza says:

    I cant get the moto helper to install it tell me the page cannot be found please help me asap I need serious help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  63. Eric M says:

    Worked awesome!!! Thought I had bricked mine!! Back up an running!! Thanks fore all your help!!

  64. David says:

    yeah i tried everything imaginable for my xt907. it all started when i rooted my phone and somehow screwed up the fast boot which locked everytime the phone restarted (which it did periodically on it’s own) i tried using razr utility 1.20 and when the phone booted back up at was at the first time use screen i pushed start and that ran for 24 hours with no success then i finally tried this mthod now its on android is optimizing apps and keeps restarting over and over again then gets to the first time use screen and boom it say please wait this may take a few minutes but keeps on like that . . . . . . .i think i have a very expensive paper weight now.

  65. lijo baby says:

    i delete all data including android files from my droid razr xt912 it is not working .only just power on and show M only pls is there any solution for this

  66. Ian says:

    You share interesting things here. I think that your page can go
    viral easily, but you must give it initial boost and i know how to do it, just
    type in google for – wcnu traffic increase

  67. EDEM AFIDEGNON says:

    I have a little problem, i tried to put a new ROOM on my RAZR the eclipse room and now when i trie to restart the phone, the phone restarts showing the motorola logo in red then safestrap kicks in and then nothing..
    because of INFOPreflash validation failure
    please help

  68. edem afidegnon says:

    I have a little problem, i tried to put a new ROOM on my RAZR the eclipse room and now when i trie to restart the phone, the phone restarts showing the motorola logo in red then safestrap kicks in and then nothing because of INFOPreflash validation failure

    please help

  69. I have a xt912 that i tried to root and install a custom rom. It all went successful. I was installing CM11 from custom recovery. It showed that the installaion was not successful. It did not turn on so I used Droid Razr Utility (which was successful previously) to flash it back to the stock firmware. It said thhat battery is low so it couldnt flash the stock rom. Now its stuck in fastboot mode and battery is low. When I reboot to bootloader and select the last option that says “tools”, it does nothing and there is a text that says ap fastboot flash failure. I am now stuck. Ca you help me out

  70. Colby says:

    Hello admin, i found this post on 25 spot in google’s search results.
    I’m sure that your low rankings are caused by high bounce rate.
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  71. ALi says:

    Hi Sir I Do That But The Device Stuck In Flash Mode It Give Me These Error …..

    Invalid CG otv ( CG:Sysytem ) Invaled SP Data
    Invalid CG Version ( CG:System )
    Invalid CG otv ( CG:Sysytem )

    please Can I Fix That ……….. I think Its The Version Iys Not The Right One …..

  72. Adithya says:

    i was in boot loop my battery was drained i charged it manually so no problem with it the only problem is this was my neighbor’s phone i don’t know from where it was bought so i cant install it using RSDlite with this method can i restore to stock my device is Motorola droid razr xt910 (rooted) Ginger breed

    plzz reply me as soon as possible its some what urgent
    sorry for my bad English

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