How to Get Free 4G LTE Wifi Tether/Mobile Hotspot on Rooted Droid Razr!

Tired of paying twice for the same internet you paid already to U.S. carriers like Verizon?

Did you know that the rest of the world don’t charge you twice for tethering your Android smartphone?

Well, if you are tired, it’s time to take control over your Droid Razr (which is fully within your rights under U.S. laws) and get free 4G LTE wifi tethering/mobile hotspot.

For those of you who have grandfathered plan (like me since I upgraded from Droid 2 to Droid Razr), you are even luckier since you can enjoy unlimited 4G LTE wifi tethering, which is faster than most cable internet.

Step 1. You need to root your Droid Razr first.  If you haven’t rooted your phone yet, see How to Root Droid Razr and come back to Step 2.

Step 2. Buy and install SQLite Editor on the Market.  It’s like $2.99 and definitely worth every penny if you consider how much you can save per month on tethering.

Step 3. Open SQLite Editor App.

Step 4. Select “Settings Storage”, which is the one with mailbox and wrench icon.

Step 5. Select “settings.db”.

Step 6. Select “settings”.

Step 7. Go scroll down to _id number 150 where it says “entitlement_check” for name.

Step 8. Do a long-press on the value “1” by entitlement_check, select “Edit Field”, change it to “0”.

Step 9. Reboot your phone and start Mobile Hotspot app, you should now be able to tether without the app leading you to pay.

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104 Responses to How to Get Free 4G LTE Wifi Tether/Mobile Hotspot on Rooted Droid Razr!

  1. Chris says:

    Droid Razr 2.3.5 Rooted, DoomLoad V2, with SQlite 1.41, just changing line 150 1 to 0. Is there more in the setting of SQlite that need to be changed? Most sites work great. The problem i have is the there are alot sites that only load 30% then freeze with a White page you have to back page to get it out. Not sure what makes one site different then the others. Does it on Computers, Xooms, Ipad, Here are some that do not: most Adult sites.

  2. scott says:

    Hi seems i’m not only one with connection problems. Only certain site won’t connect, but for the most part wifi tether works fine. If there is something to fix this please let us know. Thank you

  3. John Kim says:

    Thank you for helping me rooting my phone.
    I need this instruction so bad.

    one thing that I should tell you and other people who root it and use it for Tether/Mobile Hotspot.
    I followed your instruction step by step.
    rooting is done.
    free Tether/Mobile Hotspot is done.
    I connect to my notebook and try to go “”.
    everything looks ok so far. but i try to go to or, site doesn’t load up.
    I thingk some site don’t load up. I thought I did something wring. so I went to other site like “” and other blog site. It loads up fine.
    I guess some site doesn’t load up.
    I just want to let anybody that some site doesn’t load.

    thank you for everything, max.
    감사합니다. 계속 사이트 방문해서 좋은 정보 볼께요.
    추수감사절 잘보내시고 좋은 하루 되세요.

  4. Hartatak says:

    Excellent. Thank you! Any plans to improve the smart actions app? I’d love to have more options for both triggers and actions!!

  5. Shawn says:

    It won’t download… It says error. Please help

  6. jesse says:

    wonderful videos. 1 little thing i found a free sq editor so it makes it even more practical! its called Andsqlite.

  7. NewDroidRazr says:

    this does the same thing on Thunderbolt. even you put a different ROM you will have this problem. i guess VZN knows that based on your packet download history that is why they are limiting the data. open garden/wifi tether/tethering works all perfectly on Thunderbolt but not on the New Razr…..

  8. NewDroidRazr says:

    do this on you mac terminal

    sudo ifconfig en1 mtu 1428

    happy browsing!

  9. tiff says:

    Question: if ur not on the grandfather plan will ur data count after doing this?

    • Jwhilo says:

      You really dont need to use the hotspot app if you’re not on the grandfather plan. Because depending on what is connected to your phone could use a little of your data or a lot. So it is recommended that you don’t use it.

  10. Duane says:

    I’m having issues accessing certain websites too during teather mode (,, etc) Any idea about what’s causing this, or possible fix?

  11. scott says:

    I’m having certain issues with different website as well…
    Also I wondered if you could answer a question for me. I am new too all of this stuff, but I can’t get my phone to download apps from the app store unless it’s connected to a wifi. Is there a setting I’m not aware of?

  12. Jwhilo says:

    You need to find a way to bypass the check point when you go to update a paid app after you download it from a torrent. Because i dont want to keep downloading the same apps every 3-4 months at a time.

  13. Erik says:

    I follwed your instructions completely and it did not work. I tried redoing it and now your app force closes. Any updates on this?
    Awesome stuff by the way. Hope you find a solution.


  14. James says:

    I rooted my razr and did the whole wifi/tether adjustment but when i use either or it keeps knocking me off. The link keeps falling out. Anyone know why? Need help!

  15. Bryan says:

    I’ve run everything and can start the hotspot. However, sometimes my computer says that I have limited access and can’t get on the internet and other times, it says that I have internet access and I still can’t get on the internet. I have tried both USB tethering and the wifi hotspot.

    • Bryan says:

      Working now. I found the android wifi tether apk download site.

      • Steve says:

        I am having the sames issues with websites not loading, and my pc is saying limited or no connectivity, can you guide me on the website that you used to fix this problem, much appreciated.

  16. Kendallhabra says:

    Works so far on my Droid Razr. If you’re like me and don’t feel like paying for an app you can download aShell and aSQLiteManager from the Market. Go into aShell, check the “Root” box at the top, go to File Explorer, then go to data -> data -> -> databases -> settings.db, open it with aSQLiteManager, click Settings -> Data, click “PgDn” until you get to 150, click “Edit”, change the value to 0, then press the back button soft key until you are prompted to save the changes back in aShell, save the changes, and reboot your phone. You of course still need to have your phone rooted for this method.

    • kendallhabra says:

      So after I did this it worked, sort of. As in I was able to connect one of my laptops to it but it took awhile to connect and didn’t seem super reliable. Oddly enough I was able to connect my Nintendo DS to it with relative ease… So I ended up downloading and installing the WiFi Tether app. I don’t have a link right now, but it’s the one that isn’t on the Market.

  17. silentbob13 says:

    I just rooted a droid razr and got the wireless tether working. However netflix on my ps3 will not connect. It works with everything else, and i know this is a nitpick but any help would be great. My friends rooted droid bionic will fully connect with all the same settings but the razr will not. Any help to fix or at least a reason why would be awesome!

  18. Imperator says:

    Rooted my razr yesterday (Verizon wireless). Used aSQLiteManager and aShell to edit the required field.
    I tried initiating the mobile hotspot, and was prompted to purchase the service from Verizon. After rebooting the phone, I tried the same thing and was able to successfully connect my phone wireless hotspot with multiple devices!

    Thanks a lot, everyone who put effort into this workaround!

  19. timmmy says:

    i rooted my phone and installed sqlite and changed everything correctly i can tether now but my wifi doesnt work……any suggestions???????? NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

  20. Perry says:

    Apparently the not being able to access certain websites was an issue with the Hotspot app itself and not with the actual hack. Apparently the newest OTA (as of 03Feb2012) fixes that issue.

  21. joeyann says:

    I have rooted my droid razr and did everything to get the verizon hotspot to work. I am able to connect other cell phone devices with the hotspot but i am unable to connect mine or my roomates laptop. It will allow me to see the wifi and it says i am connected but with limited access. I am mainly just received a white screen that never loads. I am very new to this and need some help. Any suggestions on how i can connect my laptop?

  22. LOL says:

    This is a good guide and all but I had a GREAT laugh when I saw the part that says “The icon with the mailbox and wrench”. It’s a hammer, not a mailbox…Lmao.

  23. Fran T says:

    For those that have had issues loading certain websites, I have also had this issue. I downloaded the latest beta version of the wifi_tether_v3_1-beta11.apk. In the settings, I disabled Routing fix. When a web page doesn’t load, while tethered, I go to the wifi settings, Change LAN, and select another LAN Network IP Address. After the IP renews on the laptop, the webpage that wouldn’t load does.

    Not sure why, nor do I care, but thought I would share this with the rest of the folks to see if it works for them as well.

  24. Rusty Shackelford says:

    Just tried this on my newly-rooted Droid 4, and it works great! Thanks!

  25. Rooticus says:

    Hey when i went through SQLite my entitlement check was actually under 135 not 150, and it was already set to zero!? Are there any reasons why this may have happened??

  26. Larry McConnell says:

    I followed all the directions perfectly, but when I try to open mobile hotspots, it shows a pop-up window saying something about provisioning Verizon access. Then it gets stuck in a loop where this window keeps popping up. All you can do is try to click the on check in between the window popping up to turn it off. I also get a notification in the bar saying phone does not have access and do I want to sign up, so it is not working. Please help.

  27. Empty says:

    I followed your directions including rebooting after the edit with SQLite. The Verizon icon still pops up if I start the wifi tether app. I double checked and the field I edited in SQLite is still set to “0”.
    This is on my Razr updated to the current update 6.12.173.XT912 and re-rooted (verified).

  28. Carl says:

    Thank you for the rooting instructions they were to the point and worked! I have followed your instructions on tethering and my laptop and iPad connect to my Razr but do not have internet access. I do have version 2.3.6 so does this make a difference? Any different instructions for this version?? Thank you for any help!

  29. dean ginnow says:

    I recently rooted my DROID RAZR 2.3.5, awesome….. however, when I did the 2.3.6 update, it broke root. any suggestions?

  30. mike says:

    Hey I have the Droid razor in Toronto Ontario..provider is Fido. Haven’t rooted my phone yet. Can someone tell me what is the full purpose of rooting it..and if i can do this 4g tethering?


  31. Keith says:

    this doesnt wok for me on 4.0.3 fyi

  32. Justin says:

    Works perfect…took a minute to work, but i can go to any site now 🙂

  33. Zac says:

    Keith I just installed the ice cream sandwich leak and i get an eror “update failed error code 14”

    what did you do to fix yours?

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  35. Jon says:

    Me and wifey looking at each getting Droid Razr. Need wifi hotspot for the iPad, but don’t want to pay $20 fee per line for capability. Not very tech savvy, do I HAVE to root or is there a way to do it without? Will Verizon eventually figure it out and charge us? Help please!

  36. Bob says:

    Will this work for my grandfathered unlimted plan? I am going to give up the Iphone4 for the razor max. Internet in our area sucks was hoping to do this and tether for my internet.. Is this truely unlimited? or will the carriers hit you with a surprising bill if you use to much data? again I have the old unlimited data plan for my Iphone right now.

  37. DrDiff says:

    Having problems. I edit the field to 0 and then back out but nothing saves. Then I click on hot spot but the tether feed from the phone can not be seen on my computer and my kids Nintendo DS’s

  38. Webb says:

    Has anyone thought to just download Wifi tether from the market? Requires root of course but it’s free, you don’t have to change any 0’s or worry about it not working. Great App check it out

  39. Jeff says:

    I installed everything and my computer connects to the hotspot but no internet connection. Any advice?


  40. Ace says:

    I did everything as instructed. rooted and all. however, when i turn on my Mobile Hotspot, it just returns error. Please help.

  41. uhcorrectifimwrongbutimnot says:

    android has built in hotspot/tethering


  42. Chris Angelina says:

    Under ICS (4.0.4) this is now _id 79, not 150.

  43. GE says:

    I followed these instructions and they work on my Razr Maxx. I want to add that when I first start my mobile hotspot, I will sometimes get an “error” message for about 30 seconds before it starts working fine. I also notice that if I turn off broadcasting the SSID I will get an “error” message and it fails. Checking the box to broadcast the SSID fixed that.

    I also downloaded and use Foxfi as a backup. It works fine though it seems to take about 45 seconds before it starts to work. Just give it time and it works great.

  44. Bird says:

    This method worked great. No problems at all. I found when you update to ICS OTA 4.0.4, the line you have to edit changes. Entitlement_check is now on line #79.

    • Brandt says:

      I followed the method of using ashell and sqlitemanager as I did before with my razr prior to ics and the line entitlement_check is still 150 with ics 4.0.4. Wifi tether is still not working, any ideas?

    • Kevin says:

      I have Razr Maxx and it was #79 also. I just got this today and it had ICS 4.0.4. System 6.16.211 XT912 Verizon

  45. GE says:

    After the OTA update, mine changed to #79. I had to re-root and change the Entitlement again. But it wouldn’t work until I turned off the security mode. So now the only way I can get the Mobile Hotspot to work is in the “Open” mode.

    Fortunately, Foxfi still works fine. Foxfi has worked for me whether I was rooted or not. I may install Wifi Tether now that I’m rooted again. I just like having options.

  46. mechee says:

    I did this on my RazrMaxx again—after unrooting, getting OTA update, then rerooting—and the original instructions still applied (i.e., Entitlement_check is still at #150).
    Restarted my phone
    Changed my SSID & password
    Restarted mobile hotspot and connected my Thrive to it
    Did a speedtest on the Thrive: 3120kbps Down,157kbps Up,199ms Ping
    didn’t check many sites but most loaded fine

  47. Ulrich says:

    I already had the hotspot with 2GB and wanted unlimited so I could use it on the go more often. Last month was an expensive bill and hope this will allow me to have unlimited.
    If not I will cancel it and hope this continues.
    Update later next month.
    Changed SSID and pass.

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      This does not give you unlimited, it just allows you to bypass tethering charges. It will still count under your data plan.

  48. Larry says:

    Followed the instructions elsewhere on this site to root my Motorola RAZR (ICS 4.0.4), then did these steps… but no other device “sees” my SSID. Any thoughts? I’ve also tried the wifi app from google, same thing, no device sees the SSID. Its like the transmitter isn’t turned on.

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      Change profile in settings to galaxy nexus cdma lte for fix!

      • Larry says:

        That did fix it a little bit… now my devices see the SSID. Thanks!

        But, they can’t seem to get anywhere. My Win-7 laptop says that the connection has no internet connection. I have a netmeter gadget and it shows what would seem to be a random number for an IP. My tablet never finishes after posting the message “Obtaining IP addr”.

        Any further help would be greatly apperciated. Larry

        • Droid Razr Root says:

          try checking MSS claming and Routing fix on also.

          • Larry says:

            I see the routing fix (doesn’t help), but what’s MSS claming ?

            As a further clue… I turned on a ringtone on connection, two devices *think* they connected, but the phone never made a peep. And, the byte counters on the apps screen never move off 0.

            thanks – Larry

  49. Droid Razr Root says:

    MSS Clamping sorry damn autocorrect.

    • Larry says:

      I don’t see “MSS” anything.

      As a further clue… I don’t think the device attaching is getting the proper setup info. I have the LAN set to – but the device attached has a random IP, something other than 192.168.3.x. Usually (but not always) its – which is the IP addr the device had on my house wi-fi.

      Another curiousity is those upload and download counters never budge off 0.

      Could there be something I’ve missed outside of google’s wifi app? Rooting *seems* to have worked, I didn’t get any errors when I did it…

      thanks – Larry

  50. Re-Re Box says:

    So after performing the steps at the top, I hit a wall when looking for settings under settings.db. No where to be found…I even went ahead and checked under the tabs that were there for 150, but no joy…anyone have any ideas?

  51. nuno fernandes says:

    FoxFi works great…. none of the other methods worked on my Droid Razr Rooted with ICS

    • Larry says:

      Hurray! FoxFi worked for me too!

      II watched the video suggested above, the screen he shows has a “MSS Clamping”, my screen does not. I am using the latest version of the google app, I’ve uninstalled and re-installed twice now to be sure.

      Well, I’m not that particular, I have what I need.

      Thanks to all – Larry

  52. Ed says:

    I just ran across this post… does this work for a rooted HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon? Not running custom ROMs…

    Have a Nexus 7 and having Wifi connect issues because of adhoc vs infrastructure via TB. Can connect with FoxFi via BT but apps don’t recognize connection as data connection so basically limited to Chrome web access.

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      yes works on all verizon devices.

      • Ed says:

        Tried it and ran into a problem and hoping for some help… From SQLite on rooted Thunderbolt running GB 2.3.4, I can get to “Settings Storage”, “Settings.db” but there is no option for “Settings”. I looked through all the other options under “Settings.db” and none contain “Entitlement Check”. Any ideas?

        • GMATgyrl says:

          FYI…I’m on a rooted Droid RAZR and this tip works for me, only thing and this may be the same for anyone else looking specifically for “150” entitlement check. On my RAZR it is isn’t 150 its 79. So the tip will work regardless of the #, just make sure you’re changing the entitlement check digit REGARDLESS of what number it is…hope that helps 🙂

  53. Patti says:

    every time i try to connect my ipad 2 it asks for my droid password, i don’t remember ever setting one. any ideas? i followed the video and it was working fine. not sure what’s happened in the meantime.

  54. Robert says:

    I had previously used this method on my stock vzw razr with 2.3.6 i believe. Worked great. Restored my phone then did the OTA update to ics and now I can’t edit the entitlement check. SQL editor says it has root access but then when i try to edit the value and save it gives me error 14 unable to update database file. Sounds like it’s not gettin root access right?

    • Droid Razr Root says:

      Just use Foxfi from Play Store, works fine without root.

      • Jay Jennings says:


        Used the SQL hack on two previous phones.. new Razr Maxx doesn’t have the “entitlement check” in the db… do they call it something else now? I know I can use FoxFi but the previous hack worked so well I hate to not have it. Suggestions?


  55. David H says:

    This is confirmed to work on the RAZR M.

  56. Alex says:

    I have had recent problems with my phone automatically turning off the wifi tether. Recently installed safestrap 3.0 and that is when the issue started. Anyone else having their own wifi tether turn off?

  57. Skip says:

    sqlite editor doesn’t see anything close to what you discribe, there is no on my phone.
    I have a razr maxx running jb 4,12 which is now rooted and wifi tether 3.2 beta2 is working

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  59. Sparky says:

    So I tried to do this post rooting of the phone and in the settings with a mail and wrench it skips from 125 to 224. This is with 6.16.211

  60. Seth says:

    Just finished doing this on the 211 build (the jelly bean leak from around Christmas) and it works just like before on ics. The only difference is that ‘entitlement_check’ is no longer 150, the id is 79.

  61. Michael says:

    It was working perfectly. I soft bricked my RAZR. Restored, rerouted and installed sqlite. No.line 150. Entitlement check is now 79. Changed to 0. Now not working at all.

  62. Grant says:

    I am running the Red Tide Revenge Jelly bean Rom (4.1.1) on my Droid Razr. Their is a Settings storage but it is with no Motorola in it. Also, under settings.db, their is no “setting” to go to, and the other field have no entitlement check.

    Can anyone please help me. This worked great on the Eclipse ROM, but not on this one 🙁

  63. Melissa Curtis says:

    I just updated my droid razr to jellybean and now I I can’t use the app for the mobile hotspot. I was using Foxfi but now jellybean won’t let you use any app for hotspot, it checks your subscription status and offers you the 29.99 a month hotspot tethering option. Will doing what you have suggested above work on jellybean?
    Do I have to root my phone to do this or just do it?
    I’m a newbie on rooting and things so be patient with me.
    I don’t know if a phone is rooted or not rooted when you purchase them from Verizon.

    Thanks so much for your help

  64. Seth says:

    It does work on jelly bean. I am running it now. And you will need to be rooted to modify the entitlement check. Verizon does not have phones already rooted, you will have to do that, although it’s a relatively simple process once you have the stuff downloaded. Just remember that technically rooting, while not illegal, will void your warranty and changing the entitlement check is against the Verizon terms, so just keep in mind that you will not be able to receive “official” help if something goes wrong.

  65. Keith says:

    It does work on Jelly Bean. Only change is the _id# is now 79. I just re-rooted and got my Wi-Fi hotspot back….

  66. Jim says:

    Another successful Jelly Bean user. The entitlement check for my version was on line 66, vice 150. Worked great on my rooted Droid Razr Maxx.

  67. Kevin says:

    I had it working on my rooted ICS. Took the OTA Jellybean update. Lost root but the WI-FI hotspot still works. No real reason for me to root again.

  68. Nathaniel says:

    It all works now!

  69. Fabio says:

    I’ve solved the problem using this app

    open the app, click on “unlock tethering”, wait for video completion, and magically tether works.

  70. Allen says:

    When I click on “settings storage”, and get the “settings.db” when I click on this I get:

    An error occurred while opening the databasa. disk I/O error (code 3850):, while compiling: SELECT *FROM sqlite_master WHERE type in (‘table’,’view’) ORDER BY name

  71. Joe says:

    Still works like a charm on 4.1.2 Jelly Bean RAZR. I was just wondering if there is a similar way to turn off the 50mb download limit?

  72. Pauline says:

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  74. supercell87 says:

    I rooted my droid RAZR Max and used sqlite to activate the mobile hotspot. Then I installed safe strap and now my mobile hotspot won’t activate. Any thoughts?

  75. Winifred says:

    Very good information. Lucky me I ran across your blog by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve book-marked it for later!

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