How to Backup/Restore Rooted Stock ROM on Rooted Droid Razr!

If you want to install a new, custom ROM on your newly rooted Droid Razr, I HIGHLY ADVISE you to make at least one backup of your rooted stock ROM.  This backups up everything including your ROM/Kernel, apps, and settings.

This is for Gingerbread ONLY for ICS, please see updated guide using Safestrap 3.0!!!

If somewhere down the line you mess up and brick your phone, having this backup will save the day instead

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How to Install SafeStrap on Rooted Droid Razr! [Recovery]

Do you want to install new, custom ROMs on your newly rooted Droid Razr?  If so, you will want to install SafeStrap, which is like the Bootstrap but safer as you can access it anytime from boot menu instead of from the Bootstrap app.

For ICS, please see our updated SafeStrap Guide!!!

If you are new to installing new ROMs on the Droid Razr, I highly suggest you to install SafeStrap, it makes everything sa

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How to Unroot Droid Razr!

If you are going to take your rooted Droid Razr back to Verizon for warranty replacement or even refund, you can easily unroot your Droid Razr back to completely stock.

Step 1. First you will need a rooted stock ROM.  This is basically the state where you rooted your phone on a stock Droid Bionic.  If this is the case, follow Step 2.  Otherwise, I hope you made a backup of your rooted stock ROM and you can restore to it.

Step 2. Go to Settings->Applications->Development and make sure USB Debugging is checked on and connect your Droid Razr to your computer via

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How to Backup/Restore Apps Using Titanium Backup App on Rooted Droid Razr!

If for some reason, you would like to install a new ROM on your Droid Razr or perhaps move to another Android phone or even get another Razr for warranty, you can backup all your apps and restore them on a rooted Droid Razr.

This is a great way to have your apps always handy, ready to be restored anywhere.

Step 1. Install Titanium Backup app on the Market.

Step 2. Open up Titanium Backup app.

Step 3. Select “Schedules” and hit “Run” under Backup all new apps & newer versions.

This will backup all your non-system apps wit

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How to Root Droid Razr on Mac or Linux!

For those of you with a Mac or Linux, here’s how to root your Droid Razr!

Step 1. Go to Settings->Applications->Development and make sure USB Debugging is checked on.

Step 2. Connect your micro-USB cable to your Droid Razr and computer then make sure USB Mode is set to “Charge Only”.

Step 3. Download and unzip. Download

Step 4. Open up a terminal

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How to Get Free 4G LTE Wifi Tether/Mobile Hotspot on Rooted Droid Razr!

Tired of paying twice for the same internet you paid already to U.S. carriers like Verizon?

Did you know that the rest of the world don’t charge you twice for tethering your Android smartphone?

Well, if you are tired, it’s time to take control over your Droid Razr (which is fully within your rights under U.S. laws) and get free 4G LTE wifi tethering/mobile hotspot.

For those of you who have grandfathered plan (like me since I upgraded from Droid 2 to Droid Razr), you are even luckier since you can enjoy unlimited 4G LTE wifi tethering, which is faste

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How to Root Droid Razr Android 2.3.5!

Want to root your Droid Razr?

For those of you who want to take full control over your new Droid Razr to get cool stuff like free 4G LTE wifi tethering, backup your apps, install new ROMs, and more, there’s an easy way to root your Droid Razr.

Update: Please see new root method for 2.3.6!

*Note – This guide is for Windows only for now, for Mac and Linux see How

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