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How to Install SafeStrap and Install/Backup ROM on ICS for Rooted Droid Razr! [Verizon ONLY]

For those of you wondering how to install SafeStrap on your Droid Razr, here’s a video tutorial walking you through the steps for ICS.  (This is for Verizon Droid Razr ONLY)

If you are new to flashing new ROMs or rooting, this video tutorial will teach you how to install SafeStrap Recovery on your rooted Droid Razr, also show you how to backup, restore, and install ROMs.  If you have no idea, I highly recommend you to watch this video so you know exactly how everything works.

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How to Install ROM on Rooted Droid Razr!

Do you want to install a new, custom ROM on rooted Droid Razr?

Please see updated Safestrap 3.0 Guide instead!!!

This is for Gingerbread, for ICS, please see here. Well, here’s how to do it.

Step 1. First, make sure you’ve

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